Bank transfer from UAE to Europe

I had the same issue. I entered Bank Name: Revolut Payment UAB, Branch Name: Vilnius , and Branch Address: the payee address. I haven’t made the transfer yet because I can’t get an exact answer to my issue and don’t want to take any risk.

Hi guys
Did online transfer from HSBC UAE to Revolut LT, AED to AED.
Apparently HSBC has updated something cause all went super well.
Money reached the Revolut account in less than 48h.
Even better, I had selected OUR regarding the fees.
Even if they say it would cost 147 AED it is not correct, real cost was 0, not a single AED !
Like I did in the past with Revolut UK
So it is all good now online from HSBC as before :wink:

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Hi, would you be able to share again the beneficiary details you out in for LT account (address and so on)? With NBD I still have issues to set up a beneficiary.


I do not know about NBD but what I did from HSBC was this:
I created a new payee, international payee obviously.
I had to mention : beneficiary name (my name) , the bank country (Lituania), my address (not the bank address but my real address which is linked to the Revolut account, so my address in France), the IBAN number (Revolut LT IBAN obviously)
Then the HSBC system generated automatically the bank name and address as follows:

Address which is not correct according to me, anyway I couldn’t change it.

Then I have selected AED as destination currency and I selected OUR regarding the fees.

That’s it.

Even when trying to do it from ADCB I was never asked for the bank address but for the beneficiary address (even if not in Lithuania)

Hope this helps.