Bank transfer from UAE to Europe

this is good option, did anyone transfer from ADCB bank? how much they charge for the transfers? is it better to send EURO or AED?

Hi everyone, thank you for all the answers. The main question remains if anyone is able to enter the new Revolut SWIFT in to EmiratesNBD account. As far as I can see only the old one REVOGB2L is there. The new REVOGB21 is not there. Thanks

Hi, Anyone solve this REVOGB21 problem, or have a solution to bypass it.
A friend of me is desperately trying to top up his account with ENBD

Hi,I am facing another issue, after creating AED account I am not able to top up from debit/credit card. The only available option is my aed Iban. It works in the same way with you?

I managed to find Revolut on ENBD. I selected country of remittance UK then searched revolut and it shows.

Question: what’s the best way for the transaction fee = to get the lowest charge?

a) Please debit my account for your charges and correspondent banks charges

b) Please charge beneficiary for your charges and correspondent bank charges for the TT amount.

c) Please debit my account for your charges, Benf. will bear charges of your correspondent banks for the TT amount.

Hi All,
Trying to send money home from an ADIB Account. When i go to set up a beneficiary it does not give me the option to make this a UAE Dirham transfer the only options i get are GBP/USD/EUR. How are you Revoluters sending from your bank accounts in Dirhams.

I have already made a UAE Dirham account, the IBAN given is GBXXXX so the banks will automatically assume it is GBP and end up convert the money from AED TO GBP at their rate…

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It worked for me when I tried, it shows 2 options. International transfer to UK, and then search bank

good evening…I have an Italian Revolut account, I should make a transfer to a Canadian bank account. do you know how many commissions will be applied to my operation? Is it cheaper if I make the transfer in Canadian currency?
Thanks in advance

Hi guys,
I’ve tried to send AED from my Standard and Chartered and Commercial Bank of Dubai account, but both are saying that they cannot send to Europe (revoult UK) AED currency. Their system showing only GPB, USD or EUR.
So how you managed to bypass this problem that I assume is the same for all the other UAE banks.

I’ve even tried to send EURO directly to my revoult account through an exchange house in dubai but, as per UAE law, they need to convert twice the currency since is allowed to send outside only dirham…

Hi, I’m having the same issue trying to add my Revolut account as beneficiary in my ADIB account: I cannot choose AED as a currency only EUR/USD/GBP. The result is that ADIB does the conversion from AED to EUR at their super expensive rate…

Any advice on how to manage this situation with ADIB?

Hello ,
No movement on the ADIB situation. However i did note that CurrencyFair setup shop in Abu dhabi so could potentially get good rates from there.

i have the same issue with ADCB, i added my revolut aed account and i tried to make a bank transfer, but once i choose the revolut account i can’t choose AED, i have multiple options like yours too…

have you tried calling the bank and asking them to make the transfer?

i will try, they issue is, i guess, when the app read the international iban it doesn’t give you the option to transfer aed , and ask you to use other currency showing the conversion rate…that is crazy, specially if you want transfer 1000 aed you must pay 50 aed, plus the commission and fees…it will be crazy specially if i want to move out 10000 aed i must pay 500aed…
i will check with the bank and i will let you know…

i would be other options to move out the money from uae account?

I tried today to transfer from ADCB to my revolut account. ADCB does not allow to transfer AED in an International transfer so I just transfered in USD which has much better exchange rate than the other currencies. Since it is my first attempt…let’s see if it gets there.

Solution for bank that doesn’t accept AED transfer, will be to open an account in bank like HSBC, you go with the advance account it’s free and you only use it to take your money out of the country.