Bank transfer from UAE to Europe


Hi all, I am currently leaving in UAE, with a bank account at HSBC (AED), I would like to bring some money back to Europe (EUR).

Can I transfer some money from HSBC UAE to my Revolut UAE wallet then change it into EUR with revolut rate, and then transfer it to my European bank account?

If yes, is there any fees? And what is the maximum allowed amount to transfer?

Thanks in advance for your help.


Yes you can! I’ve done this, and it works perfectly.

Open a Dirham account on Revolut, and make sure that your bank is sending Dirhams to it.


There are restrictions associated with :r: accounts – monthly top up limit e.g.

It may depend on your account’s status. Is it totally verified?

Search the community for “top up limit”.

The process itself as you describe it should not be a problem.


Top up limits are dynamic now I recall, I asked about source of fund checks though and they should happen when money enters an account rather than any other time :eyes:


If you’re transferring from Emirates NBD, you’re going to find that using the transfer code to get the money routed to your account is not going to work. Revolut doesn’t seem to be able to parse references made to the beneficiary.

I.e., you’re going to have to wait 5 days, talk to support, and they’ll go hunt your transfer down manually.


I’ve noticed. But indeed after a few days they locate and complete the transfer without problems.


Hey Guys,

Also in UAE and with a new NBD account. and have a question regarding the new unique account details that launched to some users this week. (No more reference numbers, YAY! )

We now have 1 unique IBAN per Revolut user across all our currencies but the address of the Revolut bank is not listed in the transfer section under IBAN details anymore. So when I want to make a transfer from my NBD to my UAE Dirham account I use my new unique IBAN but what Address? Is it still the Lloyd’s bank details as NBD requires you to select a bank from a list provided for their Direct Remit service (which states it can send money to a Lloyd’s bank in 60 Seconds and other UK banks in 60 minutes) and while Lloyd’s bank is there, Revolut LTD and address is not.

Will using the original Address for Lloyd’s bank with the new IBAN work or what is the correct process for this. Have chatted to support through App but have got conflicting info. Ultimately does the Bank Address matter as long as the correct IBAN and BIC/SWIFT is used?



Use something like this: Type in the BIC/SWIFT code and use the address that is associated with it.


By the way, looking now, I see that the indicated BIC/SWIFT was changed from REVOGB2L to REVOGB21.

Did anyone else get this change? What’s it about? Does it matter? Can I use either?


Not new. You’ll find a ton of posts in that/failed transfers.