Bank Transfer from Revolut EUR acc to USD Bank Account ?



I need to make a bank transfer from my Revolut EUR Acc to a USD bank account.

I would normally use a 2nd revolut account, in USD.

But I need to be sending the money from an account that’s at my name, with unique IBAN, which is only the case for the EUR Account in Revolut.

My question is : Can I make a bank transfer from the Revolut EUR Acc to a USD Bank Account, and if yes, what will be the exchange rate/Fees ?




Hi Paul .
Exchange rate will be with small markup ,because it’s weekend.
If you check up rates in app,it will show price including markup.
You will get better rate if sent Monday.
The fees for transfer itself can vary a bit .
If sending to USA it’s around 20-40$ in fees.



When currency exchange is involved, I doubt that the unique personal EUR IBAN will show as the sender’s account details. As far as I know, a service provider is used to pay out international transfers with exchange involved. Sending EUR via SEPA or GBP via the local GBP account might be the only options to make a payment that appears from an account in one’s name.

So if you decide do make a EUR payment to a USD bank account, it is most likely transferred via SWIFT (you will find estimated fees in the FAQs) and then the receiving bank will exchange it at their rate and they might apply an additional fee for the exchange.