Bank Transfer - EMAIL receipt


This morning I requested a bank transfer and i received a SMS message and an Email. In the email it shows the Sort Code and Bank account number for the receiving bank. Can I suggest that you obscure the first 4 digits of the bank account as I see this as a security risk.


Hello there, we include this as this is a transfer confirmation that can be used to track the payment and so you have documentation of where the funds were sent.


I appreciate that but sending those details in an email isn’t very secure.

Why can’t you obscure some of the details. I don’t need a receipt to contain sort code / account number in a readable format.


Bank account information such as bank account number and sort code are not considered a confidential information.



Hi @novromkil.

Thank you for your feedback. We have forwarded it to our legal/compliance team for internal discussion.

We will keep you posted.


Andreas K


Hi @AndreasK,
How do you request for bank transfer receipt?


Hi there. You will need to contact our in-app support team.