Bank Transfer delay

Hi there,
made a bank transfer on the 5th of March to top up my account but the money are not in my account yet. Could you please investigate what is wrong?
I am in Greece

Looks like you transfered to the wrong account number. You should have used your personal EUR IBAN and than you would have received the money the same or next day.

Was there a reason you chose SWIFT over SEPA? The latter would have been faster and cheaper.

Also, are you sure the GB47… IBAN is correct? Where did you take it from?

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You should remove personal information from your post. This would include your telephone number etc.

Please contact support, they can help with locating your funds. Type “live agent” in the in app chat to get a hold of a customer service representative.

Both reference number and IBAN are correct as they appear on my mobile when I asked for top up via bank transfer…

Just checked them again…


I just checked it, you did send the money to Revolut but not to the EUR account but to the GBP one.

OK, maybe you are right on that… I took it for graded that the account is EUR…
So, what will happen now? How we can solve it?


Not to sound arrogant :wink: but I am right, the transfer went for the GBP account. GB47 is the pooled GBP account.

My assumption would be the EUR 100 would turn into GBP 83 (or whatever rate Lyod uses) minus SWIFT fees. Have you checked your GBP balance? If the money does not show up there I’d contact the support.

No, the money does not appear anywhere…So, if you could contact support it would be great…
By the way, thanks for your help…


In that case I’d contact the support and ask for more information. And by I I’d rather mean you :wink:

man, sorry…
I thought you were somehow involved with REVOLUT, customer service or something…

Sorry…I already asked REVOLUT to contact me but I am afraid that may take awhile…So I am just waiting…

Thanks for your help…


No problem :slight_smile:

Maybe @AndreasK could chime in

I’ve assigned the transfer in your account. If you’re topping up in EUR, please make sure to use the account details you see under “EUR".


Hi @AndreasK would you be able to check my account? My mom transferred me money last Sunday (8 days ago) but I gave her my GB IBAN details and she would have been sending Euro. Is there any way of finding out where the money has gone?

Hi Robyn. Could you please send me a little more info via a direct message?

Hi Andreas,

Yesterday I gave the GBP account numbers (local UK account / sort code) for the transfer to my contractor. Current number form Revolut. I got information that he paid.

I recently used this number in December 2019. Transfers were quick within 2/3 hours.

Yesterday I gave my account number again and I’m still waiting. Already about 10 hours. I wonder if there are any delays from Revolut?

Thank you!

Can you check my account…my boss send me salary…still not receive yet

No, this is a user forum! Contact :r: support!

How to solve my problem?

Contact :r: support via in-app chat or social media (twitter/facebook)!