Bank Transfer Beneficiary Details


Can you add an “description” or “name” field to the “add a new beneficiary” tool in Payments -> Bank Transfer?

At the moment, if you add more than one bank account for the same person (e.g. yourself), it is difficult to distinguish between the accounts. The app only shows the name of the beneficiary, the account number and the sort code, but it’s difficult to remember which bank account is represented simply from the account number or sort code/ BIC/SWIFT.

So, instead of just showing:
John Smith - GBP
Account number: 12345678
Sort code: 123456

The app could show:
John Smith - GBP
[my description]
Account number: 12345678
Sort code: 123456

Where [my description] could be, e.g., “Santander Bank”, “personal account”, “business account”, “savings account”, etc.




Notice there is no response from anyone and I really need this option as I find it extremely difficult to know which account is which.




yep this would be nice!


yes, (nick-)naming recipient details is something I use in a few apps