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Had a question regarding bank transfers and hope this makes sense! I currently work in the UAE and have am from the UK. What I would like to know is can I transfer money from the UAE to my Revolut AED account and if so would I incur any fees? Would my Revolut AED account be recognised as a local account by my bank in the UAE?


You can send it to your AED wallet in revolut ,just don’t forget state reference number. Create and account in AED currency,and press on it from account menu.You will get all detail you need :slight_smile:
Revolut won’t charge you ,but bank you with UAE might do.

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Hi Jon, I’m in the same position. I bank here with NBD. Have you figured out if they charge?

Thank you.


Hello gents,

I am just new to Revolut. I am trying to use Revolut as a main for the GCC area in AED, so I initiated a bank transfer from Emirates NBD to Revolut AED account (with details from the AED IBAN in Revolut). I have transfered 200 AED in hops that I would see something like 199 or 198 AED in my Revolut after a couple of days. It seems that my 200 AED turned into 170 AED in Revolut, which is an astronomical fee. Since I was planning to use Revolut as my main, I will have to ditch this plan and continue using Emirates NBD as my primary. I am so sad about this. I hope Revolut can find a way to transfer funds cheaper in the future. This isn’t benefiting users in the GCC.

Before you mention, there’s also an option to top up via my Emirates NBD card but it will not take a top-up directly into my AED account.

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How do you do this? I tried to do this with a ADIB but it keep only letting me transfer money in GBP/USD/EUR only.

I’m sending AED to my UK AED account via ADCB. They charge 22 AED for the transfer no matter the amount. You can only do a manual transfer at the Branch.

Actually the problem with exorbitant fees seems to be on the UAE side. I sent someone 50 AED as a test from my UK Revolut, they received 20 AED after charges from their bank Noor Bank. I am pretty sure all the banks will have similar extortionate charges to receive money there.

Hi, I have ADCB and FAB.
ADCB online not possible to transfer AED to Revo AED account.
FAB online it s possible, doing that since a long time, setup you Revo account, transfer AED from your FAB AED account to your Revo AED account, VERY IMPORTANT, all costs on you = 2.10 AED, so you get the full amount. If you select shared, 1,05 is on you, but then your AED will arrive on Revo with the amount selected - 40 AED!!
It takes between 1 and 6 days, usually 3 days.
Have fun

Hi gents,

Recolut informed me that my account was moved in Lithuania.

Problem is that I cannot find this bank in Lithuania hence no way to setup account in Emirates NBD application.

There is no result in searching after REVOLT21 or when I do it manually after country/city.

Did you face this issue before?
How was fixed?

Thanks all

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Google: Revolut Bank UAB Lithuania.

Did it before.
Whatever combination I try doesn’t work.


Did you really manage to transfer to the AED Revolut account money from a FAB AED account? The Revolut bank details are the IBAN and the BIC code as shown in my Revolut account. Is this info sufficient to make the transfer?
Thanks in advance

Hi. Yes. This is the correct way to do it. Remind to tick all charges on you. Total 2,10aed.

Hi, have you done it recently ? to the UK or LT IBAN ?
Still ok with UK but does not work with LT one…

I’ve been using the manual tranfer service from ADCB for over a year with no issues until now. I’ve been charged a flat rate of 20aed per transfer and I always select ‘my charges’. This month my payment was ‘reverted’ back. Revolut live chat was pretty helpful and more responsive than I’ve experienced before. It turn out the transfer was marked with the sender country code for Iran, and as such was not allowed and automatically rejected by Revolut. I’m guessing that ADCB made a mistake at this end, has anyone else had this problem?

Hi guys, with this new revolut IBAN situated in Lithuania, is it still possible to send AED from my ENBD account to my AED Revolut account and then convert into EUR once the funds arrive in Revolut?

I have been waiting for Revolut to fix this problem since January. My payments from ADCB get ‘reverted’ and I still get charged 20aed by ADCB. Revolut have admitted that it is a problem with the way the SWIFT code is read and their system thinks the payment comes via Iran and rejects it. I have had a live chat open about this since the beginning of March and all I get is “we have raised this with the relevant team”. I am waiting for the Financial Ombudsman to complete an investigation, but customer service from Revolut has been appalling, I have even e-mailed their customer services director who never replies (I guess that he sets the poor standards for their customer service!) Has anyone had this problem and managed to solve it?

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I have Emirates NBD and want to transfer to USA Revolut Account, in order to execute international transfer you need to entes SWIFT and WIRE code and search for the bank, this IBAN REVOUS31XX doesnt give any bank or doesnt match any existing bank for transfers.
Do you guys have made it to transfer from emirates NBD to REVOLUT ?