Bank transfer account not mine


I’ve made a transfer from my revolut account to another local account.
The transaction details specify(what looks like) an IBAN and other references that are completely different from my allocated IBAN and reference.
What are those?

Probably it belongs to Currency Cloud Limited. Am I right? If so-this is their operator (e.g, if you send money using pooled account)

I’ve sent from a pooled account, that’s right. And I somehow expected to see its details, as originator, at the receiving end.
I have no idea who the holder is(Currency Cloud… or other) I’m just positive it’s not my pooled one as they’re completely different IBANs.
It’s not an problem in itself, I was just curious…:blush:

When I send money to Poland (I’ve tried PLN and CHF for polled accounts and EUR local account) I see Cureency Cloud limited… as a sender (for pooled accounts)- still can see reference which I’ve typed in- as a part of description or me (for local account)