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Hi there, has anyone ever used the bank statements from Revolut to apply for a visa? I’ll be applying for a schengen visa soon and wanted to know if I can use the statements for revolut. Cheers


Hi there. Revolut is not a bank therefore I don’t think a statement from Revolut will be sufficient.

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It is not a BANK? But you have EU banking license? I am applying for shengen visa, very worries now.
Could you come up with some sort of digital stamp for your statements? Very troublesome to present funds, especially to governmental institutions. Otherwise does not make sense to keep money on Revolut account.


Hi there - did anyone receive an update on this, or successfully provide Revolut statements for a visa application? I am applying for a UK visa soon and plan to use Revolut statements. Thank you!

Hi @nthomley welcome to community.revolut
I personally don’t see a problem with :r: statements for this purpose.
If I understand it correctly, the Visa requirement is simply to prove sufficient funds for your stay and for the purchase of a return ticket (if not already in place) - not a mortgage application!

Is the revolut statement enough for schengen visa application to prove the funds of finance?

IIRC Schengen visa applications are more concerned with you having sufficient funds (120€/day I believe) for the duration of your intended stay in the Area. There is no reason to suggest that the relevant Border officials would not accept the :r: statement - particularly if supported by the balance shown in the App, if challenged.

Please I wish to find out if I can use my Revolute bank statement for a Mexico visa application?

:r: do not post separate bank statements, only the statement available in-app is provided and that is perfectly acceptable.
Do you even need a visa for Mexico? You don’t say what your jurisdiction is… this reference outlines the requirements and exemptions:

I faced an issue with Schengen visa application. I can only think it cause I submitted Revolut statements cause my other documents were in order

There may be many reasons for a Schengen Visa refusal and there is an appeal mechanism.

Thanks for this. I am aware of this reappear mechanism but it doesn’t work and extremely slow. Since the discussion was around embassies accepting Revolut statements, I wanted to respond and state no they don’t. All my other papers were in order and I am not a first time Schengen applicant. The only difference is this time I gave Revolut bank account statements since I relocated here recently. It’s an issue for govt officials as they are not updated on this.

Hi Graham ,

I can download bank statement from app . but can i also receive a signed stamp copy to my adress please for VISA purpose ?



Hi @Serhat and welcome
The answer I provided [here] which applies to EU visas should help.


@Serhat You don’t say for which jurisdiction you need the visa, but I would check the requirements again. I’d be very surprised if you actually need a rubber stamped statement with a wet signature. You wouldn’t get that easily from a high street bank either, it’s not just Revolut.

What countries are looking for depends a bit on your nationality and where you (regularly) live, but high up on the list is that you have enough funds in your account for the duration of the stay and they usually want to see some form of (regular) income (salary, pension etc.). The transactions and balances are way more important than the logo on top of the statement. If you work with more than one bank and get your salary into one account and then transfer all or most of your funds into a second account it might be a good idea to attach statements for both accounts.


@Serhat Hello, Welcome to the :r: community. Hope this helped. :heart_eyes:

@glesga @Graham_Lees Thanks for helping out. :star:

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Is Revolut bank statement accepted by the U.S. embassy?

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Hi @fady and welcome
In which jurisdiction are you referring to?
Please edit your question accordingly as different embassies may handle matters differently.
Have you asked the embassy concerned directly?

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Is Revolut bank statement accepted by the U.S. embassy?