Bank statement by post



It would be nice if there was a button in the app to order a bank statement by post for a small fee (£1 or £2 for example).

Occasionally I need a proof of address (to collect a parcel, to register with a GP…) and sometimes they don’t accept bank statements printed off the internet (like the PDF bank statement by Revolut). They want a real paper bank statement provided by the bank.



+1 to this question.


@AndreasK Any update on this?

Certain services (Signing a lease for a flat, opening up ISA brokerage accounts, employee DD process for a new job, …) require bank statements by post (for confirming your residence.).

Any chance that paid statements (HSBC, for example, charges £1 per statement.) can be introduced?

Now that Revolut is suggesting we use it as our primary bank account...

Hi @mikael98 & @capital,

I’m not really sure if a statement sent by post would help, as Revolut is not a bank.


@AndreasK, thanks for the reply.

Was under the impression that Revolut was positioning itself to be an alternative to a bank (in the sense that people can have Revolut as their only bank account, with the current account system available for users in the UK, which would allow salaries to be deposited directly into the Revolut account. Therefore it would make sense to offer (paid) physical bank statements, to verify a customer’s address, for situations like obtaining a lease or mortgage.).

Looking forward to the other upcoming features being released soon. :+1: