Bank Payment - "Send" greyed out


Having set up a swiss beneficiary, trying to make a bank payment of circa SFr1000, but “send” button greyed out. Why and what do I do? Thanks


Have you checked your limits? Have you passed your ID check?


Limits ok. No idea if I’ve passed my ID check but have been using Revolut for past 2 months ok and don’t see any requests or warnings to question my ID status. Any other ideas? Thanks


Look into “Verification and limits”


Well within the annual limit which is the only display on “verification & limits”. Any other ideas? I’m otherwise forced to revert to paying from my High Street account. Thanks.


@AndreasK is needed here


Is there any empty field?


No. Just a thought - do I first have to exchange GBP to CHF?
In the payment field it displays a zero balance for CHF, irrespective of the payment amount entered.
I expected to be able to make a payment in any listed currency with direct conversion from my GBP account. Maybe not?


You need to tap the little arrow beneath the amount to select which account you want to send from, in your case GBP :slight_smile:


That worked. Many thanks.