Bank information name and sending institution

I have account by Interactivebrokers would like to use my Revolut GBP local account.
By adding bank account my broker want to know. 1.Bank Information Name 2.Sending Institution.
My sort code is 23-69-72 i put it on and as a bank is there (Prepay Technologies Ltd).
1.Bank information name will be (Prepay Technologies Ltd)
2. Sending institution will be (Revolut Limited or also Prepay Technologies Ltd)

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I asked chat staff and received answer sending institution is (Revolut limited)

Hi Roman,

I am also interested in this topic, as I’m trying to fund my IB account via Revolut.
There is also a field called “Account Number” - what did you use in this field?


Hi, any luck on transferring funds to IB?

When you send EUR is sending bank Revolut but when you send GBP then sending institution isnt Revolut but (Modulr FS Ltd) when you look on sort code for your bank GBP account is 04-00-75. I have send also GBP and EUR with no problem. Euros came to IBKR in about 3 hours EUR IBKR account in in Germany and GBP funds came also in 2-3 hours but this tíme Revolut used other payment procesor for fast payment now by new It will be in few seconds. When you withdraw money (GBP) back IBKR use BACS transfer. Which mean that money will be credited 3 days.

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