Bank fees when toping-up Revolut Card


Hello everyone,

My French bank (Boursorama banque) charges me everytime I top-up my revolut card with agios (7,6€ of charges for a 90€ top-up). I asked them the reason and they answered that each currency transaction (excluding euros) was charged. The thing is, when I top-up my card, I do it directly in euros, so to me, there’s no legitimate reason to charge me for it.
They also said that it was related to the transaction title that includes “GB” (U.K) in it.

To your experience, are those fees legit or is it abusive ? What should I tell my bank ?

Thank you for your answer(s)



Hi there. I cannot see any charges applied by Revolut.


Make sure to use a standard SEPA EUR transfer, like you would do for a domestic transfer, and not international transfer. The fees for such a transfer are regulated under EU law, your bank must not charge you more than for a national transfer in EUR.

(The country code in an IBAN is irrelevant here.)