Bank details to Salary payment


I have recently created a GBP account in order to get my salary paid in UK. The company I’m working for asked me for the following information in order to receive my salary:

Bank/building society name
Branch address
Bank account name

Please, If anyone could tell me where I can find these details in my Revolut App I would be really grateful.

Thank you very much

Please activate GBP local account, then you will see all details connected with this.

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I already did it and I’m pretty sure about my sort code and account number, but my question is that I’m not sure if bank/building society name is Lloyds Bank or Revolut, and the same for the other two data. I think that bank account name is actually my name and branch address is the one from London (Canada Square). Please, if anyone knows about that it would be great!

IMHO it isn’t neither Lloyds nor Revolut but this is:

Hello @ElenaVet

In connection to @redi’s message, here is the address: _

Prepay Technologies Ltd, Station Square, 1 Gloucester Street, Swindon, SN1 1GW

Hope it helps!

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