Bank Certificate for Company (Start-up Capital for the shares)


I am looking to start a new business where I reside in Sweden and I am now looking for a bank where I will mostly receive international transfers and make international payments in different currencies, and I think Revolut Business seems like a very interesting alternative.

Therefore, I have a few questions beforehand.

  • Are you able to give out bank certificate for an extra fee for start-up companies, it is required by the government to be able to start my business, too show that the required start-up capital for the shares of the company is in a bank account within Europe?
  • Am I able to direct message you more private questions?

Thank you in advanced!

Kind Regards,


I only know the answer to the second question, @KevinFF :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Starting tomorrow 05:00 UK time :wink:


Hi Kevin - thanks for your message. I will DM you.