Bank card verification taking long

I tried to top up my account using my bank card, however Revolut locked my account until I can verifiy my bank card. They have claimed to have sent a small ‘top up’ along with a Revolut Card code xxxx but after periodically looking at my other bank account I haven’t received any small deposits from Revolut.
Please can you tell me how long you waited to receive this ‘top up’ amount? I need to make an urgent payment
Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks

This depends on your other bank. Topping up via card is like any other regular card payment you make. Adding a card to Revolut works like adding a card to Paypal works. It is not a deposit Revolut makes, it is the payment you made that you have to identify on your card statement. How long does it usually take until any card payment appears on your card transaction list? Can you see the details of pending transactions? Your bank might be able to tell you details of payments that are pending and do not show up in your online banking.

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Thank you Frank!
So I’m actually looking for an outgoing payment from my bank card and that will have the 4digit number that I need to then input into revolut?
I was looking for an incoming transaction on my bank account!!!
I have the say the instructions provided by revolut on this are quite unclear and open to many interpretations.
This is all new to me so I really appreciate your response

Topping up with card is literally making a payment with a card. You need to identify this said payment. The code is embedded in the text on the card statement.

Check FAQs for more details:

Verifying your top-up card lets us know that the debit card used to add money to your Revolut account is your own. We advise all customers to do this on the app to help ensure your Revolut experience is as frictionless as possible. To verify your top-up card, just check your online banking and find a top-up to Revolut which will appear in the form of ‘Revolut1234’. Next, tap the ‘Top-up’ button in the app and tap the box in the middle, and select the card you would like to verify from the next screen. Tap the ‘info’ button to the right of your card and enter your code here. Simple!