Bank account without credit card


Hello there!
I have one question. I am curently working in Norway for the season and I have my bank account here. I have my Revolut credit card associated to my Spanish bank account, but I would like to change it to my Norwegian account. Is there any possibility to associate my Revolut card to my norwegian bank account without having a norwegian credit card?
Also, in case I need to have a norwegian credit card, if I cancel it later (because I wont be working here in winter) can I continue to put money from the norwegian bank account to the Revolut Card?

Thank you in advance!


Spanish account? Norwegian account?

What exactly do you mean by that? You cant have a Revolut card associated with a different bank.

Are you referring to different currencies?


Norwegian credit card…?

Your Revolut card works with any currency. You can add funds to your Revolut account in any available currency, from any of your bank accounts.