Bank account in GBP


Hi :slight_smile:

Why I don’t have a personal IBAN (local) for my GPB account?

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Did you type on the ACTIVATE button?


Yes, I get the message “Einzigartige IBAN-Konten sind bald verfügbar!” for the local payment method :frowning:


You did get the UK account number though, didn‘t you? That‘s all you need for UK local GBP transfers, UK doesn‘t use IBANs.


But the receiver is “REVOLUT LTD” and not my name (if I compare it to my EUR account) I can see my name.


You didn‘t activate your personal account then. Check if you‘re fully verified or ask the support for help.


I’m fully verified but maybe it isn’t possible because I live in Switzerland? :sweat_smile:


There is not yet IBAN for CHF account but for GBP this is totally available :slight_smile:


That’s the message I get:


Can you scroll down in Lokal tab?



This is very strange…try contacting the in-app support :frowning:

Do you have the same thing with EUR account ?


No, it works with Euro :slight_smile:


Should I reinstall the app?


When I reinstall the app I get the message that the UK account has been created, but after I have pressed OK it’s the same problem :frowning:


I don’t really know :frowning:

What is the meaning of the message in English ?


I’m going to reinstall the app again and then publish the screenshot here :slight_smile:



Strange. This is how it looks like in my app:


Is your base currency GBP?

My understanding is that GBP current accounts are only available for :r: users with GBP as their base currency.