Bank account details for personal EUR account


Hello, i would like to know the following options for my EUR bank account:

  • Country of the bank (my IBAN starts with GB and my BIC is REVOGB21)
  • Bank name
  • Short code (if located on GB, otherwise the bank code)

I already talked with the Revolut support team via the app and told me that the bank name is “Revolut LTD” and the short code is “23-69-72” but when i’m trying to validate it via my payment platform, it fails cause there’s a mismatch on the short code and the IBAN. So when i use “23-69-72” as a short code, then the corresponding bank name is:
1 Gloucester Street, Station Square 4th Floor, Swindon, England, SN1 1GW, United Kingdom

Can someone clear this up and let me know the exact details of the EUR bank account? Thank you in advance.


why do you mess sort code with euro account?your IBAN is personal and the BIC is REVOGB21.End of story.About the British local account you are right in every account-iban calculator this is the name that comes out but your Euro account has nothing to do with that.


This is not the end of story. I need to know those info about my EUR account:

  • Country the bank is located
  • Bank name
  • Bank code
  • Account number

Inside Revolut app none of those options are displayed.
Simple as that.


Country:United Kingdom
Bank Code:009970
Account Number:The last 8 digits of your IBAN
Bank Name: Revolut LTD

Any IBAN calculator will do the work for you.


So when i try to add my bank account to the system, the system requests for a short code cause the bank is located in UK. The bank code 009970 is not accepted as a short code and then i add the 23-69-72 as a short code BUT this is not accepted when combined with my IBAN. It’s weird, isn’t it?


is there any chance your bank alters the currency in GBP? because when it comes for euro currency account I have not been asked for a short code in any bank or financial services.


The problem is that the corresponding short code (23-69-72) doesn’t mach with the IBAN i own. Can someone who knows about this issue clear this up? It’s a problem that should be fixed.


236972 has nothing to do with your Euro IBAN and personal account.Is the sterling account shortly number.The only think that you need about Euro SEPA transfer is your IBAN in Euro and REVOGB21 as BIC.Do not mess with GBP local account details.There is not a problem or issue that you are describing but obviously a misunderstanding.


goddam…that is NOT a SHORT code…that is actually called “sort code”


Hiya - I understand everything you have said previously and have entered the details on a form I need to submit for salary to be paid. However, on my form it asks for a SWIFT code too…I know there are SWIFT details and LOCAL details shown when I view my account details. How do I know which to use please? Sorry if this is really obvious but I’m struggling to work it out!


@erevos can you help please?


which currency, GBP?


Hiya. No the currency I would like to use is EUR but I am struggling to identify which details exactly I need to submit to my HR department to get paid


I think you should get a real bank account for wages. Otherwise you will find the bank details in the app: More -> Profile -> Account Details -> Select EUR currency account. If this is a SEPA transfer use the information in LOCAL: IBAN/BIC/Beneficiary


I am unsure what a SEPA transfer is…?



Euro payments within the EU and some non-EU countries (EFTA).


your Personal Iban and the BIC code which is REVOGB21