Balance is not right


Good afternoon,

My actual balance doesnt match with the transactions that are made in revolut. When the value of a transaction is pending it leaves my actual balance and when its completed it leaves again. So the transaction is made twice. Anyone had this bug?

I need some help please.


Pedro Chaves


Hi Pedro. Can you send us a few examples (screenshots)?


I already talked with your support. I have to wait until 22nd May.

Thank you


It seems this issue has been sorted. Could you please confirm?


I had the same issue today again. They take two times the amount when was pending and then when was complete. I sent a message to revolut chat but you are currently unavailable.


Sometimes, this is how a merchant handles a payment. They make an initial authorization, and instead of claiming this blocked amount, they make a 2nd charge. You might see this with restaurants in the US or hotels everywhere, for example. But that’s not the case here, I assume?


Even if theres an authorization the money leaves my balance so in the end I’m charged twice. The same merchant have charged 3 different times two times (pending and complete). So my balance is not right, do you get it?


If the status is pending, the money didn’t leave your account. The money is only blocked. Unfortunately, this is how all cards work and nothing specific to Revolut. But blocked amounts do reduce the funds available to you, that’s correct. So the balance in the app always factors in transactions marked as pending.


I made the transactions and when I do the maths without the pending doesnt match with my current balance. But I’m already talking with someone in the chat online app.


Hopefully if they find out there’s an actual issue or an explanation you could let us know here so we can help others who may run into this :slight_smile:


ok. I will tell you.