BALANCE in App differs from Statement

Hi There,
I just verified that the Balance in the app differs from the downloaded in excel (csv).

Mainly seems that the PENDING payments appear on the App making the charge immediatly but if you download the statement they don’t appear and the balance reflects that.

Beside that fat seems as well that when the transaction pass to COMPLETED it charges again in the App balance as it does (correctly) in the statement.

So in the end you may have a negative balance in the App and not in the downloaded statement.
This is annoying and I did several times try to explain to the support but always receive the same answer “You will not be double charged”…

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+1 on this

Reconciling bank account vs what I have on a spreadsheet recording every single transaction is totally screwed.

FYI anyone who wants an app to reflect exactly what you’ve just transacted, Monese does this perfectly.

I have a transaction that is reported twice in the app while the account statement is OK.

The statement only contains completed transactions. Does the “missing one” still show it with the blue clock beside the transaction?


The so-called missing transaction was missing, hence I cannot describe it.

My statement was showing only the original transaction,while my account showed an additional transaction with the same amount and a balance calculated accordingly.

Finally REVOLUT canceled the original transaction hence the balance became OK.

When I now request a statement it properly reflects the actual status of my account.

I do not understand why this additional transaction was generated.

Thanks anyway.

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Have you had any attempt to pay for something, either in store or online, which for the first time did not go through but the second time did? Or did you fill up at a petrol station outside opening hours and payed at the outside terminal?

As Revolut is a prepaid account, every transaction attempt not rejected will shown as such in the App list of transactions and the money is taken off the balance. If for some reason the transaciton is not completed because of a problem afterwards, the merchand never submits the final transaction confirmation and after some time, Revolut removes it as it’s never finalized. This will show in the status of the transaction at the top of the screen and in the list you see the blue clock beside the transaction to indicate that it’s not yet final and could still be canceled.

For petrol sites with outside payment terminals (OPT) it’s normal that a reservation is done at the time you start your transaction. After you filled up and complete the transaction, the correct amount is submited. Depending on the acquirer, this reservation shows as an open transaction in the list for quite some time, even after the final amount is settled. For others, it’s pretty quick and the reservation is replaced by the final amount almost instant. Open reservations can stay there for quite some time, two weeks have been reported from some.

Funds sent to my Revolut account from a London bank are missing for past 3 weeks.
I have all the transaction details and transact number.
Finding it impossible to contact Rwvolut with this.
Chat does not work in app only bots

Type “live agent” to be transfered to a live agent if the bot does not help. Don’t close the chat first, because the history of your chat with the bot will be kept for review by an agent.

Many thanks for your support.

  I did have already the problem you mention with petrol sites. And

the reservation amount was higher than the actual transaction
price. But it was canceled a few hours later.

  This time it was not such a site, but a "standard" shop (frozen


  More generally, I already had 3 problems using the REVOLUT card

in my home country, where I do not use this card that often :

  1. this “double” transaction we are currently discussing
  2. the reservation which was canceled later
  3.     a payment that was refused by the merchant (the payment

appeared on my account but was refused by the merchant). It was
canceled in Revolut within 15 days.
This is strange : I used that card in Russia during more than a
week and paid almost everything with it, and I NEVER had any
problem. How come ? I therefore am reluctant tu use it in France

  Thanks again. It seems that anyway the problems eventually get

fixed, but it is not comfortable …

Thanks for your reply
But having no luck. Keeps saying something went wrong and / Rita pops up.

Live chat. Nowhere to type. Pity.

I am missing a serious amount of money

And desperately need it.

Is there anybody who can help or agent contact me. I have all the transaction details


Vincent O’Hara

Tel 0872576497

Is the keyboard for typing missing? Then you need to update the app to the latest version.

Alternatively, you can also:

Once we have received your complaint we will acknowledge this via email. We will then investigate all the details of your complaint, and issue our response within a couple of days, but this can take up to 15 business days. If you are not happy with our resolution you can refer your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service.

My Vault Balance shown in the app doesn’t match the Balance on the Statement. The same is true for transactions. This appears to be such a basic problem have others experienced? I am new to Revolut, so maybe I’m misunderstanding something, however, I would expect to see at least ‘eventually’ consistent balances and transactions.