Balance discrepancy


My balance reported by the app is $0.00 (I have withdrawn all money from Revolut). However, a generated statement shows a positive “Total Balance as of July 3, 2017.”

I understand this could be explained by funds being blocked for pending transactions, however I don’t believe I have any. Also, the last card transaction I made was on June 23, 2017 (10 days ago now).

Someone reported a similar issue a couple of months ago, and the thread was archived without a clear resolution:

Has anyone encountered a similar situation with their account?


Hmm this does sound like there is a pending transaction on the account somewhere, as that is not included in the statements. You have checked to verify you don’t have any in this state?


Nothing shows as pending in the app. As I said, the last card transaction was on June 23, and it was an ATM withdrawal. The card was last used to make a purchase on May 29, so over a month ago now.


I have not made any new transactions since but the balance discrepancy is still there. And support chat is of course unavailable, so no way to get any answers about it.

More precisely, (1) the app shows one amount, (2) the PDF statement another (also incorrect due to a bug in how the transaction order is handled), and (3) after going through the transaction history, a certain amount is still unaccounted for.

This really is Beyond Banking, as no bank would have ever allowed such a thing. It’s also beyond ridiculous.


It was a bug in the app. Now they have another one