Balance amount in my Euro account and balance statement are wrong [Fixed]

Hi there, I have used the Revolut card with a lot of satisfaction during my trip to the USA. Back in France I have made an audit of my accounts and I find a difference of 3.00 Euro between the balance amount shown in the app on my cell phone and the balance amount as calculated on my Excel spreadsheet where I have entered all the individual payments. I have checked several times that I did not misstype and amount but I believe I did not.

Can you please check and explain what happened ?

Nota : The balance of my USD account is correct.

PS. I have another issue that I state in a separate topic.

Hi @JW28,

Thank you for contacting us.

Have you tried to download a statement of your EUR wallet so that you can confirm all the transactions?


Andreas K.

Hi Andreas,

Yes finally this is what I did… and that was not a good surprise. I have seen many bugs in this report, but rather than explaining all this here I’d prefer to call you at the phone given in the statement. I’ll try to get in touch with you.

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Arghhh… I tried to call you at the UK # given in the statment. I followed the instructions (phone # and birthdate) and… the little voice told me “thank you, your card has been blocked” !! I don’t want my card to be blocked.

Please anybody from Revolut should call me at the phone of my card +33…41 asap

PS. I believe I know where the difference of 3.00€ stands, and I have identified 4 bugs in your statement guys… This is not very professional I am afraid…

Hi there,

I just wanted to say that this issue is cleared now, and wanted to appologize. The balance amount of my account is correct and has always been. I could contact support with my phone and I could explain what I found wrong in the statement report, but the balance amount is OK.

Proceed in making imporvements to your system. The statement report needs improvements, and the chat with support with the telephone is not easy, it would be a great improvement if there would be a chat session with the PC or, at least, a web-emulation of the application to allow easier communication and report dowloading and printing.



Hello, I met the similar problem. One of my operation (an exchange of 450 euro from eur accout to USD account) is not recorded in the operation histories from the mobile app and in the statement, but I can clearly see this transaction is visuable from web app. There is no line recorded in the statement showing that I did this operation but the total balance is correct.


I have a similar problem put some cash in USD into revolt to pay Paypal it was reverted, Now I Have ordered a new card, App would not show anything until I ordered a new card. Now the balance I had to use in paypal and never used does not show in USD and a balance print June 2016 to now shows no transactions. So my USD have disappeared, Help!


I have the same issue with CSV statements across my accounts (various currencies, plus saving vaults), the balances are not correct.

I have downloaded the statements from 01/01/2020 to 28/08/2021 for all of these accounts (cleaning manually the comma thousand separator as described by other users in other threads).

Now if in excel I create one column on the right end side for a running balance (just for checking) the balance provided by Revolut in the .csv does not match.
The balance of today in the app is correct but it is different from the one in the .csv, and the .csv statements have inaccuracies throughout. It seems that some payments in or out are missing where the balance was calculated, but it is very hard to define which ones and why.

Can you fix/look into this as well as add the time to the date of transaction (also suggested by other users in other threads)?