Balance after info in each transaction

When entering transaction details you can see various params, e.g. amount, date, status, fee, etc.
It would be better to track your money, when there’s “balance after”.
For convenience, also “balance before”.
Easy to track your spendings.


This would be so easy to implement and so useful that it’s really a shame it’s not getting the :heart: it deserves. :frowning:

Yup. This is a completely basic feature that “modern” banks like N26 and Revolut seems to omit for unknown reasons. They may think it’s clutter, but it’s not, it’s essential information in my opinion.

This would be the feature which would move me 100% from my traditional bank to Revolut
Makes tracking so much easier
My UB banking app does this and its the best way to see how your money disappeared :smiley:

This would be a massive improvement for monthly expenditure tracking! Most other bank apps have this feature so it’s something I would consider industry standard by now. Please consider implementing showing balance after transaction!

In case you don’t know: statements dowloaded as CSV files do include this.

Sure, but I consider this a workaround rather than it being the actual feature requested. It takes more clicks than showing it within the app and also requires downloading files onto your mobile device and opening them outside the app before you can see the info you need.

It would be so useful if this got added!!

Please Revolut add this. Other banking apps have it, and it is so useful for tracking month to month spend.

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The Analytics page is pretty good to track monthly spending. It shows an average and compares the current month with the month before and tells you a trend.

(The data you’re looking for is available on statement/csv downloads).

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Thanks Frank, but unfortunately the statement view is not mobile friendly. The text is tiny and you have to zoom in / scroll left to right to be able to read it on a phone.

+1 for this feature.

Easy to implement. We would make more noise and get it done.

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Thank you for your feedback. I shall pass it on to the appropriate team. :pray:

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