Bad GBP/JPY rates.


From looking into the rates that Revolut offers it’s looking consistently worse than MasterCard for the last month or so, from what I recall.

Is there any particular reason for this? For reference the current rates are below.

Revolut: £1 = 143.65-143.66
MC: £1 = 144.87

It’s fine saying that Revolut provides the best rates - but you should only do this if you can truly provide the best rates.

For example I think Revolut should be using MasterCard for the processing of rates when it works out cheaper for the customer than their FX partner that does all the transactions of currency, if possible. If this isn’t possible it should be made clear that Revolut isn’t providing the best rate.

Perhaps this could be implemented at the very least for illiquid currencies like the Russian Ruble and Thai Baht?

Would you be able to look into this @AndreasK



Bad JPY rates at all as I can see.
I have to book some flights for about 400.000¥ but instead of transferring from my EUR debit card to revolut and change to JPY I prefer to use the EUR card directly…

Idk what’s happening. Back in February the rates were good (at least JPY/USD)


I like the idea of knowing how much JPY I actually have though - so I’m not particularly comfortable with using N26 or anything else that’s similar abroad. (perhaps maybe something with unlimited free withdrawals)


Today’s rate (subpar again)

Revolut: £1 = 143.16-17¥
MasterCard: £1 = 144.63¥

What is going on with these rates, @AndreasK, I’ve seen quite a few topics on the subpar rate on VND, and now it’s happening with JPY. If your FX partner isn’t providing the best rate, swap or don’t claim you’re providing the best rate.

I’m going to update this daily until I’ve clearly shown the pattern of worse rates, in hopes Revolut will do something.


Today’s rate (subpar again)

Revolut: £1 = 142.08-10¥
MasterCard: £1 = 143.36¥



Happening the same with GBP/THB

Their provider is obviously offering a below average exchange rate. Which makes their claims not correct!


but TBH is subject to a constant 1% markup (2% at weekends) while JPY is not


Today’s rate

Revolut: £1 = 143.68-69¥
MasterCard: £1 = 144.22¥

@DavidRevolut @AndreasK if one of you or another Revolut staff member could get back to me and just tell me if anything is being done or not.



If you have access to Mastercard/Visa card(s) without any additional commision, just use them and be happy. In my country such things does not exist. Lowest commision local banks charge for using currency exchange using MC/Visa is 2%, some charge 2.5%, but most banks now started to charge 3% or even more. So using Revolut make sense.


I have multiple ways to access them but that isn’t the point :thinking: I’m still using Revolut - I just like locking in my rates. I don’t mind the rates being a little worse, but if you say your rates are the best, they should be the best or very damn close.