Bad experiences with our Revolut !!!

Hello all,
I’m now in Japan with friends, we made Revolut cards especially for this trip, there are Visas and MasterCards.
Only one friend can process withdrawal with his MasterCard, for the other s, the ATMs always says “invalid card”.
We can pay with the cards, sometimes, and we have converted some euros in yens on our Revolut account just in case…
That’s very disappointing and Revolut’s help center can only repeat that I have to check the list of Visa compatible ATMs.
Is there an explanation ?
Revolut is made for going on a trip, but if it doesn’t work it doesn’t worth it.

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See this:

On the same ATMs, a friend did a withdrawal with his Revolut MC et one other with his french bank visa card

Im currently in Japan and have „invalid card” message on every atm (using mastercard). Super disappointed.

Yes, same as me.
People should be warned that this card is not as great as they said :angry:

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Seems the japanese banking system is to blame rather than :r: It’s a very good card and service, if japanese atm’s doesn’t accept non japanese mc/Visa debitcards, what can revolut do?

Hmm, what about this:

Read my entire post. At the same ATM, some Revolut work, some other don’t. That’s not a Japanese problem.
And my friend failed too in an ATM in Moscow with his brand new Revolut card.
Our real bank cards are perfectly functional.
What is the interest of a traveler card if is doesn’t work correctly ?
And the helping center is totally unable to answer anything that helps

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All cards issued around the same time? Seems there is differences between older and newer cards, esp with/without contactless. Things will hopefully get better once revolut gets a proper banking license and can issue their cards themselves.

Did you try a Japan Post ATM?
It’s the only one that worked for me: all the conbini ATM refused my Revolut Mastercard, but it miraculously worked with a Japan Post ATM.

Seven Eleven Bank ATMs were very reliable for me. (Used the Revolut MC.)