Bad experience with the revolut mobile insurance


Using this forum to open a complain about Revolut and their insurance company. I a premium client and in December i made a mobile insurance to secure my S8+. Made all the payments, and in February unfortunatly my phone falled and ended up cracking the screen. Made a complain to the insurance company, and they came back saying that they wouldnt cover the damage because the phone was not new and somebody in their company should not have accepted the policy when i made the insurance, so they just cancel the insurance on me. I consider this unacceptable, because they accepted, i payed and they never told me at any time that there was an issue. Now when something happened, they just didnt take any responsability, even when the error was on their side. I could have choose other companies, i didnt because they accepted, but now i will have to pay the repair by myself. I definetly didnt find this fare. I live in the US, a new market for this company, so im planning to share my case on social media so that people have an ideia onhow they are dealing with. Fell free to comment and share with your friends and associates

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When you made the Insurance, wasn’t there a step you needed to accept, stating that the phone was less than 8 weeks old or something like it?


Just checked, my app says “You can insure devices up to 6 months old”


Actually it goes up to half a year but the way OP phrased it they were apparently aware of that and if that is the case they are on thin ice. That might border fraud (I know, a strong word :wink: )


When did you buy your device?


Hi there. Really sorry to hear that. Could you please send me a direct message with your case ID?


Dear Revolut Community,

I have nothing else to add to the case i presented before.

I tried my best to solve the case with both the Revolut and Simple insurance, but they prefered to have an unsatisfied client, than to find a solution. Now its up to you guys to decide if you want to pay for insurances that may not work.

Thank you all,



I understanding this and we would like to review your case. However, I need your case ID.


Can you send me your email?

Thank you


Dear Sir,

Your company and the insurance company didnt seem interested in solving my case, so can you tell me why now after i paid 350 dollars to repair my phone, you are interested in my case?

I dont see what you can do for me or my case. The only thing i want to do is let people know what happened and let them see who they are dealing with.

In america i used to companies making whatever they can to keep the client satisfied and help find a solution when they make a mistake. None of this happen with you guys. So im only letting people know about it and let then search for information and decide by themselfs.

If your company wants to succeed here in this market, you better start learning how to keep your clients otherwise you will be condemed to failure,

Best regards,



Sorry but I’m struggling to see what your complaint is here.
The app currently asks you to confirm that the phone was purchased in the last six months.
On the assumption that this question was asked when you signed up for the insurance, and that you confirmed this, how you can you possibly now complain about the cover being void?

Maybe I’m misunderstanding what actually took place but why do you consider the insurance company are to blame?


To be fair, Revolut is “only” an intermediary in this case. Of course it is their choice who they select as partner for such third party services but they do not actually implement and execute these policies.

Now if this is the case it would change the story quite a bit.


Hi! I can relate to this. Something similar happened to me.
I got a second hand in pristine condition S7. When the insurance came up on Revolut i immediately signed up. When the screen cracked and i activated the insurance, it turned out they don’t cover second hand phones, which i understand (it actually says older than 6 months). They said they will cancel my insurance and retroactively refund me - the payment was made through revolut and i haven’t seen my refund yet.
There is no way to contact Revolut, you can do it through an useless chat bot, and the number provided is only for lost cards.
How did you do it? Did you get a refund straight away? I’m clueless on what to do now to get the refund.
Thank you in advance!


Hey, you can type “live agent” as a chat message to get a hold of a support agent and get past Rita.