BACS Transfer - Ebay "Hacked account"


Hey there,

I am looking for some advise. Here is the chain of events:
-> Topped up with a Credit Card via the Revolut App
-> Sent the funds via BACS for an ebay purchase.
-> As i turns out the sellers account was “apparently hacked” . The item was never posted, even though they provided a supposed Royal Mail postage label. The seller responded after the sale, stating it was all in order.
-> The transaction is fraudulent.

Where do I stand? Any help would be greatly appreciated:frowning:


You probably have contacted eBay already? Did you go to the police?


This is an issue with eBay not Revolut. Contact eBay, they will refund you.


Thanks for the replies guys, even if the purchase wasn’t via PayPal?


Ive spoken to Natwest and the account has been flagged and checked. They have advised me to raise a SCAM case with yourselves. How do I go about that?


Probably talking to law enforcement?


They have advised that it needs to be with the BANK that sent the money, so in that case it would be Revolut.


Have you tried this url ?


I think this is the right way

  1. Contact the seller for refund, if not possible or willing
  2. Contact Ebay for refund, if not possible or willing
  3. Contact Revolut for refund


Correct, Ebay will not be able to refund the money as its not via Paypal. Natwest have already said that they need to work with the sending bank to get the money back, so now its just how do I get Revolut in contact with Natwest to get this rolling.


They will according to the site i posted

Do I need a PayPal account to make an eBay Money Back Guarantee request?

No. eBay Money Back Guarantee covers other electronic payment methods as well, when they are used in eBay Checkout, including ProPay, Skrill, Bill Me Later, credit card, and debit card.


I agree. But my experience is that a sender‘s bank needs some proof that your case is legit. They might ask for something like an official case number from law enforcement.