Azure registration


Hello all,

First of all thank you for your amazing product and community, I really enjoy your stuff. I just read some existing topics about that but did not received any kind of proper answser: I want to register with my credit card for creating a Microsoft Azure account but the authorization failed. I got a Revolut notification saying (translated) “Authorization request. WIll soon dissapear”.

So two questions:

  • Do you know why the registration has failed ?
  • What does this payment mean ?

Thank you folks


Are you sure Microsoft Azure supports prepaid cards?


I am not really familiar with this card type, but it seems you are right

I was thinking Revolut was just a regular Debit card.


Should be fine actually.
Is a pending transaction. A check up in the card validity.

Did you got any error on Azure?


So you didn’t get an error message from azure? Then everything should be okay. All card authorizations work like this. They just test if the card details were entered correctly.


No I said in my first post the registration has failed :confused:


Azure does not accept prepaid cards