Awaiting verification of source of funds query

Just wanted to see if others have had issues with processing of their verification of source of funds. I understand the system may be busy but I haven’t heard a response from the online support for 48+ hours.

Many thanks for your input.

@AndreasK - Thanks for being active in this section. I hope you can offer some further guidance on this subject.



I’ve got absolutely the same problem with top up limit. All required documents are uploaded and I’m stuck in reviewing state for 3 days already. There’s no response from online chat as well.

Best regards, Vasilii

UPD: Case was escalated to compliance team. Thanks!

I’m waiting over 2 days with no response. I’ve asked some questions in the “chat” window but heard nothing back …

Me too, 2 days in verification of funds and no response from support chat. Not cool Revolut.

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Same problem with support, no response since 2 days. Still in verification. Frustrating.

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I am also waiting for my funds to be verified. I thought Premium members have 24/7 customer support but nobody is answering on chat :frowning:


Having the same problem. Been waiting for a reply for over a week now.

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Ok, finally my verification process ended successfully. 2 days waiting for response. Maybe not bad at all.

Hi all. Apologies for the delay. Our compliance team is receiving a high volume of requests at the moment. However, I’ve escalated this issue to our compliance team as they will be better suited to assist you with this matter.

Thanks for your patience.

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Seriously @AndreasK the incompetence of Revolut is staggering.

I have been waiting 5 days, support has not been back to me after they said they are escalating my case. Useless

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@AndreasK Am in the same boat as these guys have a pending deposit for over a week now and no replies from Support.

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I am also waiting and have escalated on chat and also got no reply. Revolut, you have been sitting on a substantial sum of my money for 3 days, it needs fixing NOW or you’ll be loosing my custom and recommendations. @AndreasK please respond

I’ve just had my account blocked how can I get this unblocked, I had transferred funds for a car payment now I’m stuck

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I also paid for the premium service with 24/7 assistance and being told i have to wait 48hrs are you having a laugh

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I’ve been waiting for 3 days as well. Been contacting support multiple times with no luck.
@Revolut, you should really change your disclaimers about on support and verification time if you’re not going to meet your own deadlines.

@AndreasK can you please escalate this case as well.

This level of service is shocking. Revolut has clearly neglected to develop an effective customer support base. Customer service is at the core of a good business and without this it would seem that Revolut has been built upon very weak foundations. It raises the question of longevity. Without a fundamental change, and a significant investment in customer support, I cannot see that this company has a future.

I am a premium customer, awaiting source of income verification. I have a large deposit frozen becoming urgent and have no idea whether this may take another day or another week to be resolved. It is a great shame as on the surface Revolut presents Itself as a high quality service provider.

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Hi all. Unfortunately, due to high demand for our support team there’s a delay in getting back to our users. However, a member of our support team will get back to you as soon possible.

I’ve escalated this issue to our compliance team as they will be better suited to assist you with this matter.


Andreas K.

Same problem for me Andreas, been many days now waiting for an answer. Can you ask for a response please? Thx

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Awaiting verification for several weeks now.

. No response to my multiple queries with support. Please help!!!