Avoiding fees in New Zealand dollars


do you mean this?




Thank you for the reply. Please excuse my ignorance, I am new to Revolut, and a bit baffled.

When I click on the “top up” button, it takes me to a page for topping up in GBP and lists my debit card from my GB bank account. (Question - is this because Revolut is registered in GB, or because I joined Revolut from GB?) Anyway, this is straight forward. When I use the down arrow to access the wallet menu and select the NZ one, there is no mention anymore of a card, only information on SWIFT transactions.

So I guess “local card”, in the mail I was inquiring about, only means in GB, not for other countries? And if I want to add other currencies from other countries, sourced in those countries, I have to pay the SWIFT fees?


It depends on the currency currently displayed in the application, and you can change it to the available other currency you want to top up your revolut account.

To know which cards are accepted please read Help:


“Local” means- your SUPPORTED (see: above) card.

Please read Help (below). To know more-you have to ask your local bank.



Thanks for all the information. Yes, I inquired of the overseas department of my bank here in NZ, and was told as Revolut is a bank registered in the UK, the usual procedures must be followed for overseas transfers, with their usual costs.