Avoid Money Spats With The New Group Bills Chat 🤑

Hello everyone :wave:

Struggling with group bills? Don’t know how to ask for the pending share from your friend? :thinking: Don’t worry, Revolut is here as your savior.

Group bill is always the ideal place to split and settle costs without hassle. But now we have added another wing to it - “Group Chat”. It will make everything even easier. You can track, split, discuss and settle your bills at the same place. :love_letter:

Reach Your Squad In A Moment

Did you book an awesome staycation? :hotel: Are you planning for any holiday? :airplane:

You can stay in touch with your group all the time and can share the amount in chat so that if anyone is interested in joining in, you can split the cost and settle up right there. :scroll:

Track Your Shared Expenses Easily

No more holding up those paper bills to settle the amount within your group. You can just check your expense history with your group directly in the chat to avoid any confusion. Wondering, who still needs to pay? You can check that too in the chat. :memo:

Settle Up Smoothly

Did someone forget to pay their share and you don’t know how to ask for it? :thinking: Happens a lot, right? Don’t worry, you can group message a friendly reminder to your people and add some emojis to make it lighter. :wink: :wink:

Are you ready to start splitting costs like a boss? Just chat about it, settle it and forget it. Who said money management is tough? :nerd_face: :nerd_face:

Veda | Community Team

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I really live for the moment you get a banking licence in the UK, my friends and partner will join then.



Hopefully :blush: !! Stay tune. :rocket:

SG | Community Team

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