AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE - I received a terrible level of service


I create a UK based Premium account so that I could receive funds from my bank in Canada.

The transfer went from BMO to Revolut. My account did not update and I had to chase for days. By the 10th day I’d worked my way through 7 agents who all tried to solve my problem but they simply said the money ‘had not been received’. They then admitted that they actually received the fund 2 days after the transfer but let me run around ragged for 8 days trying to get them to identify it and credit my account. They asked for Photos of me so that I could receive the money I sent myself - absolutely terrible experience.

UTTERLY FRUSTRATING for a Premium User and they offered zero in the form of reassurance that it was not a one off. Their level of service was remote and suffered HUGE lags and delays in responses to agent chats. Finally I was then insulted by their puny offer of compensation - absolutely pathetic

What a complete disaster - and absolutely no attempt to resolve the situation adequately.


More likely BMO sent the money as a SWIFT transfer. The app and FAQs say that those type of transfers to personal accounts are automatically rejected. You can only do SWIFT to the pooled account.