Avoid large transfers with Revolut

I was reading people having problems with money they transferred not arrived on there accounts, but thought is one of those things that will not happen to me. Even the experience of a friend of mine which took him over a month to resolve an issue (revolut using wrong exchange rate!) didn’t warn me enough!

Guess what after several small transactions that always completed without any problems I decided to move a big sum of money to my revolut account.

A week later and no sign of the money. Agents either were saying wait one more day or ask for different things every time.

It seems that Revolut policy is to stale and delay large transfers in order to profit on those funds.

I regret trusting revolut and even recommend to friends who have started using it and guess what they also had issues with some revolut “innocent” bugs/delays.

This is going to be the last time I use this untrustworthy app/company.
I do hope I will be able to receive my funds at some time even from what I read from other people that comes after several weeks and with money missing!

Definitely, people stay away of transferring large amounts of money if you can’t stay away at all. A very untrustworthy company that sooner or later will cause you problem, too.

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Hey Kostasls

Are you sure you did not go over your annual limit?

Yeap totaly sure, I checked beforehand. The limit is much larger than the amount transferred.
The annoying part is that Revolut is refusing to check if my funds have arrived!

The limit is for the total top up year to date - not the one off sum.

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I transfer large amounts and some arrive within couple hours.

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I know that the limit is the total top up year to date, and I checked it before the transfer. The limit is not the problem.

The account the money were transferred from is a sole account on my name. I have provided the bank all the details as they are displayed in revolut app (BIC/Ref/Account no/etc). This trasnfer was to a CHF account that have no unique IBAN.

Beside the fact that the money have not reached my account, it is frustrating and unacceptable live agents/revolut refusing to investigate what happened with the transfer! It seems that they delay the process on purpose!

Geia sou Kosta,

Really sorry to hear that.

Are you able to provide us with the bank transfer confirmation as requested via in-app chat?

Καλημέρα Ανδρέα,

In app you colleague requested to provide the name of sender, name of beneficiary, date of transfer, amount of amount and the details of the account the money was send to. I also told him I could provide the transaction id.

However, then he asked a photo of the transfer confirmation. Why is that? When I already can provide all the details? I have no online banking for this account and the bank is located to another country! So why while I can provide all the details the agent wants a photo? What difference the photo will make?
I am sure as soon as I manage to get that, Revolut will come up with another excuse to delay checking the status of funds.

Unfortunately, this is a standard procedure to locate a transfer and mostly to confirm the transfer details. We would appreciate your collaboration.

I am glad you confirm that even though I have and can provide all the details Revolut is trying to delay the process.

I’m not confirming this, I think you have misunderstood my point. If there’s any delay is because you are not providing the bank transfer confirmation. :slight_smile:

I can provide all the details of the bank transfer confirmation, which Revolut refuse to accept.

I believe a look around the Revolut community with all the complaints about transfer “problems” gives a clear picture. I am just sorry for not checking beforehand…

In any case, I wanted to make people be aware of problems when making large transfers to Revolut.
I will try to check with my bank if they can cancel the transfer and restore my funds and hope they will solve the issue for me.

I’m really sorry to hear that. However, as a financial institution, which follows UK regulations we need the bank transfer confirmation. Thanks for your understanding and looking forward on resolving this ASAP!

I have the same issue. I had money sent froma Schwab account in US to my USD BUSINESS ACCOUNT on the 3rd March. It is now the 18th and still NO SIGN OF THE FUNDS TO MY ACCOUNT. I have to issue legal proceedings as there is no new information on the issue at all. I have provided all exact information about the transfer which was completed by schwab perfectly.

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