Average daily balance (giacenza media) necessary for italian taxes

I have done it. I also told support to contact Italian team to understand that and maybe give us what we need. (I personally contacted by email Italian manager for other reasons but he doesn’t look very helpful). For now I’ll try to set up statement excel file to calculate it by myself.

Hi, I have prepared this google sheet that can help in the calculation.


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You did a great work. Thank you. Are you sure that your sheet correctly calculates 0€ for days before May 11th and add those days to average daily balance? I’m not sure, but I think that the average balance needs to be calculated over a 365 days period. Your sheet seems to calculate it over less days.

Hi, yes, you are right. Now it should work correctly.

Thank you a lot.

Are you sure that you have to declare Revolut account? They say that they are an e-money service even though they have a banking license.
What if you opened a swiss account / pound account? Do you have to declare them separately or just the primary one?

You have to declare it anyway. You need to declare any prepaid/debit/credit card, and every bank account.

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Hi, I’m italian too and I want to join you because I have the same issue. So if we are a lot we can tell revolut about our trouble

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Italian customers are still waiting for an answer :slightly_smiling_face:

Is Revolut interested? Should we calculate this by ourselves, while Revolut could easily do this?


Best to create your own (reliable) spreadsheet fed with the (importet) monthly statements or something, and keep the statements ready in case they want to doublecheck your numbers… :-/