Available Administrators

Are any of you online?

Sent a message to theee separate admins over the last few days and yet to receive a response.

They don’t really browse these forums; you’re better off contacting on Twitter or Facebook

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Hi! I transfered a sum to revolut, i regret it and wants my money back on my account/bank. How Should i do?? Please help

Or how can i use/spend my money i have at revolut? Understand nothing;-(

I cant even get onto the chat room. Very frustrating

Can someone please help - I’m travelling in Portugal right now, lost my phone and now I have a new phone number but my Revolut account is locked. Have all my money in Revolut and no one is answering in the chat? This is getting serious, can’t pay hotel of afford food. I’m Metal user and have a large amount of money in my account.