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Hi Revolut,

when I setup my Revolut account I was living in Germany. Recently we moved to the Philippines and plan to stay here long term. We still keep an address in Germany though. So far my Revolut card and the app have been working flawlessly here, also the change of phone number went without any problems. However, here a couple of questions:

  • Do you plan to add PHP (Philippine Peso) to the currencies in the near future?

  • My wife would like to open an revolut account too. She has already downloaded the app but during the registration it says “Revolut is not yet available in the Philippines” when she is using her phone with her new Philippines phone number. Is there a workaround for that? We still have our active german sim cards here and could swap it for registration.

  • Assumed I lost my physical credit card, do you send the replacement card to addresses in the Philippines?

Looking forward to your answer, cheers.


I don’t work for Revolut, but happy to have a go at answering some of your questions.

My understanding is that Revolut’s ultimate goal is to offer currency accounts for every single currency on the planet (Subject to financial regulation/global sanctions.).

If we look at the currencies available for SEA, the main ones have already been launched (SGD, HKD, THB.).

Wouldn’t be surprised to see MYR and PHP coming soon.


UK FinTech firm Revolut has closed a $66m Series B to boost its expansion across Asia and North America.

Could potentially work (given how it’s active, and can receive SMS messages for logging in(?).), but I’m not too sure on that front.

Worth a try.

The use case for Revolut tends to be for the account holder to be resident in a country that Revolut has launched in (at the current moment, the UK and the EU, and in coming months, the US.).

I’m not sure what Revolut’s policies are in relation to long-term/permanent relocations.

Revolut in the Philipines
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Meanwhile in Philippines. There’s no PHP for :r: accounts but the exchange rate doesn’t seems to be bad at all :laughing:


Home address is secondary. Critical is your residency status. If you’re both EEA citizens, you do not loose your residency when moving abroad. But if you’re leaving the EEA and do not have a EEA residency permit of some sort, I believe registering with a non EEA address or “keeping a German address” won’t be sufficient.

If the legal residency status is sorted out, support can manually change the phone number for log-in to non-EEA numbers.


What happens in that case though? Do you have to close your account?

Moving residency from UK to Spain- Revolut actions to be taken




@AndreasK, as in my other question regarding changing the country I wonder what the policy is when one loses his EEA residency. Will the account have to be closed?


We’re not change the address which is not a residence address, especially if it’s a non EEA address.


So someone who moves out of the EEA would keep the account but with an invalid address? No issue here regarding Revolut’s terms?


This is what I’m saying. You cannot change your address to a non EEA address, therefore, if you want to keep your account you have to be an EEA resident.


Thanks, so if someone leaves the EEA one would have to close their account?! That was the bit that was not clear to me.


Well, you’re really not a fan of subtle hints :wink:

Leaving the EEA does not equal loosing residency. He’s also not going to tell you that it is okay to put in your mom’s address.


We are talking about terms and conditions and not what someone might hint. You can put whatever address you want but you might eventually in violation of Revolut’s terms and that can quickly affect your account.

Things (especially in a financial context) should be clear.


Here are your terms and conditions. There is no room for interpretation.


Perfect but that was already clear for opening an account. What is going to happen when you lose your residency :wink: Are you obliged to close your account? Do you need to inform Revolut the moment you lose it, who then will close the account?


He said: if you want to keep your account you have to be an EEA resident. No ambiguity here.


That bit was clear and thats why I thanked Andreas for his clarification. So I am not quite sure why we are still having this discussion now :wink:


Why do you think you might not be obliged to update your personal informations?