Automatically transfer percentages of money receipts to different pockets

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First of all, a big thank you for your work and efforts! It’s so cool that you and this service exist. :pray::earth_africa:

I still find forum and community posts on the internet from as far back as 2012 where people are asking for exactly this feature. I just asked ChatGPT, and the response from OpenAI is also disappointing. This feature simply does not seem to exist yet, or only at some Raiffeisenbanks, Sparkassen, or similar institutions.

What feature am I talking about?
For years, I’ve been longing for a feature at banks where you can set up automatic transfers of certain percentage amounts from incoming funds to various sub-accounts/pockets.

Here’s a specific example:

Incoming funds: 5,000 euros

  • Automatic transfer of 50% (2,500 euros) to account/pocket “Fixed Costs”

  • Automatic transfer of 10% (500 euros) to account/pocket “Emergency Fund”

  • Automatic transfer of 10% (500 euros) to account/pocket “Investing”

  • Automatic transfer of 10% (500 euros) to account/pocket “Saving”

  • Automatic transfer of 10% (500 euros) to account/pocket “Mine”

  • Automatic transfer of 10% (500 euros) to account/pocket “Partner”

This would help individuals and couples keep better track of their finances and manage their money strategically and structurally. It would eliminate the need to manually decide where to allocate funds with every incoming payment.

Why and for whom is the feature interesting? In any case, for all those who have a variable income. It is interesting for private individuals as well as self-employed or entrepreneurs, who, for example, want to secure upcoming tax levies directly into a sub-account and put profit shares in investments for the company.:briefcase:

This feature would be a real game changer with added value!! :star_struck:

Feel free to vote and like this post if you would love to see this feature Revolut Community :hugs::partying_face:

I look forward to hearing from you and wish you all the best from the bottom of my heart :yellow_heart:


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Thanks a lot for providing us with such thorough feedback. We’ll make sure to pass this along to our team for future reference. Stay tuned for any upcoming changes. :rocket:

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