automatic Top-up with my (french) Visa card


I am a new Revolut user. I’m trying to set the automatic Top-Up option using my french Visa card. But when I try to do so, this option never appears on the app screen. I can only do a manual top-up (it works OK by the way).
Could you help me on that ?
Thank you.

I know some cards don’t support automatic topup (my french card is one of them)… maybe that’s the issue.

Let’s wait for some official answer though, maybe @anon33247966 will come around :smiley:

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This is not a bug :slight_smile: This feature will be available after a few top ups :slight_smile:


Ok, thank you for the answer.


sorry to bother you, but coud you define “a few”. Because, I have done 5 top-up during the last month, and the automatic top-up feature is still unavailable…

Best regards

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It’s the same thing for me : impossible to top-up automatically !