Automatic reload : hidden feature ?

I was looking for a way to get notification when an account goes below a threshold, but when I looked in the help to find that, I found the automatic reload function. And I cant access it with regular menu in the application (iOS). It looks like a good feature, it should be more accessible.

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Do you mean auto to-up? Would you mind sharing a screenshot so I can look for it?

New Revolut users won’t be able to enable auto top-up straight away. We’ll complete regular checks of your risk profile, and let you know with a pop-up in the App when you can you this feature

Never got that in-app notification, and that functionality is not available (yet) that’s why asked.

Yes, it is this feature. But, following the instruction (going to the “Add money” screen) I cant make it automatic. The only way is going by the Help. I dont think I am new user, I have Revolut account since more than a year.
I think when they revamped the application, they forgot to give access to this feature.

As I mention, the only way to access it is by the help. Start to type “automatic”, you will have an article and a link inside. That is the access. The pictures are all in French but that gives an idea.

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Sometimes like in my case my card issuer do not allow auto top-up do the button is hidden in card menu. If your card requires every time 3d and CVV probably this is the case.

Excellent! That was it. I see a screen now that I couldn’t see before where it says I need to top up by card a few more times (I have been doing bank transfers prior to any trip, so that’s good advice). Thanks a lot for sharing!

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