Automatic Currency Exchange When Sending Money

New Idea for Revolut: Automatic Currency Exchange When Sending Money

Idea Description:

A user has funds in one currency (e.g., PLN) and wants to send money in another currency (e.g., EUR) that they currently do not have in their account. The idea is to enable automatic currency exchange when sending money, without the need for manual currency conversion in a separate step. The process would occur directly during the sending of funds, simplifying and speeding up the entire operation.

Key Features:

  1. Automatic Currency Exchange:

    • The user selects the amount and currency they want to send (e.g., 100 EUR).
    • If they do not have funds in that currency, the app automatically exchanges the appropriate amount from their available currencies (e.g., PLN) to the required currency (EUR) at the current Revolut exchange rate.
  2. Exchange Rate Transparency:

    • During the money-sending process, the user sees the current exchange rate and any applicable fees associated with the transaction.
    • Before confirming the transaction, the user receives detailed information about the exchange, such as the amount before and after the exchange and the exact exchange rate used.

That is already possible. All you need to to is select the correct wallet when setting up the transfer. Example: You want to send 20 GBP and then you select your EUR balance. Revolut will automatically exchange the money and show you the rate, fees, everything really, before sending.



Process Improvement for Revolut


Minimize the number of steps required to complete a payment by automatically selecting an account in case of insufficient funds in the currency account.

Current Process:

  1. User selects the amount and currency to pay.
  2. The app indicates insufficient funds in the currency account.
  3. User must manually select another account or top up the currency account.


  1. Automatic Selection of Default Account:

    • If there are insufficient funds in the currency account, the app automatically selects the default account.
    • If the default account also lacks sufficient funds, the app automatically searches other accounts to find funds.
  2. Automatic Account Search:

    • The app checks all user accounts in a priority order set by the user or automatically (e.g., from the account with the highest balance to the lowest).
    • If funds are available in another account, the app automatically processes the payment from that account.
  3. User Notification:

    • After the automatic account selection, the user is notified about the account used via a notification.
    • The user has the option to enable or disable this feature in the app settings.


  1. Adding an Option in Settings:

    • Add an option in the app settings section called “Automatic Account Selection in Case of Insufficient Funds”.
    • This option can be turned on and off by the user.
  2. Updating the Payment Algorithm:

    • Modify the payment logic to first check the balance in the currency account, and if insufficient, automatically select the default account or another account with funds.
  3. Testing and Deployment:

    • Conduct functional and integration tests to ensure the new feature works correctly.

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