Automatic currency exchange and on a recurrent transfer


In my case it would be useful to be able to convert my salary gbp to euros and transferred to my local bank automatically.
I’m a seamen and don’t always have internet on my phone :frowning:
Or access the Revolut on internet would help a lot. as well


Having any substantial amount in this account is a very bad idea.


Hi @Povilas,
Why do you think Revolut isn’t safer than a regular bank, I’m curious?
Thank you


Hey @Hopi :slight_smile:

There are some hard critics of :r: (not without reasons, that is true). However, the majority of the “bad stories” have a happy ending. :wink:

As far as I know, you can schedule a recurring payment to be deducted from another currency by selecting it when you’re setting the schedule up


Hei Juliopp,
Thank you for the tip.
So it is possible to do a recurrent transfers from the Revolut GBP account to Revolut Euro Account.
I’ve managed to enter the bank details so far, will try when I will enough penny’s to do it.
If it work’s, you’ve solved this :slight_smile:


Please do not provide false information if you’re not sure how our security system works. I assure you it doesn’t work like this and it’s not so simple as you describe here. Thank you.


Evidence of actually usage says otherwise.


Let us know better :slight_smile: