Automated decapitalization of merchant text



I noticed that Revolut automatically decapitalizes the merchant text of each card transaction.

So, “SOME STORE” becomes “Some Store” etc.

While this may be useful in some cases, its pretty annoying in others.

For example, “SomeStoreDotCom” becomes “Somestoredotcom” or “PayPal *Some Store” becomes “Paypal *some Store” (it sees the asterisk as first letter of the word).
The readability becomes worse and it just looks really stupid and annoying to me.

In my opinion, this feature should be disabled.
The merchant decides what and how text is displayed and Revolut should not mess with this just because it may or may not look a bit “nicer”.

Looking forward to hearing other peoples opinion on this.


Does no one have an opinion on this? Am I really the only one who finds this annoying? :frowning: