Auto Transfer to XAU, BTC and Investment account

Hi folk

As far as i know, it impossible de to put a autotransfer to XAU from my main account without creating a vault

Its should be a simple rule to implement

Like for commodities : Auto transfer (and buy) every 1first au month 10e equivalent of XAU
same for BTC

Auto transfer every 1first au month 100EUR (and exchange it to USD) to my investment account

If it’s already existing, could you help me to put it in place

Many thanks


any idea how to do it ?

@AndreasK could you please help

Many thanks

thanks, i got one part of the solution with the new update, now i can setup a recurring buys to BTC, could you please apply the same for commodities pls

and could you pls add auto transfer to investment account too

Many thanks