Auto topup doesnt work when you setting it up

Yesterday I set up an auto topup for my HUF account. The settings were: top up the account by 40.000 HUF if the amount in the account falls below 50.000 HUF. At that point I only had 8.000 HUF in my account, so I have expected that a topup will happen immediately, but it didnt.

Just for curiosity I topped up my account manually by 3.500 HUF, but even this didnt trigger an auto topup.

Today I bough groceries for 2.000 HUF and an auto topup happend twice. This make sense as my balance was 8.000 + 3.500 - 2.000 = 9.500, so to topups were needed to lift my balance above 50.000

Still… I think right when I had set up the auto topup the system should have topped up my account twice to raise my balance over 50k.

Maybe the auto top-up works only after the balance is confirmed (no transactions pending).
This makes sense as if there are some pre-authorized transactions (such as gasoil stations), it won’t top-up automatically.

I didnt have any pending transactions. It simply seems that the auto topup is only triggered by an actual purchase, which looks like a bug to me.

The balance should be checked right after the auto topup has been set up and also after manual topups.

No biggie for me but I wanted to report this to :r:.

I think auto top up should work without terminate authorisation. Now when i do not have availabe funds the payment is declinet with information no founds. Than auto top up works, and i must do second payment. It will be better whent system will wait for topup and then authorise payment (without reject).