Auto Top-Ups improvement required

Gosh! I can finally post a new topic! Feels good to be released from prison. Honestly, this forum is over-moderated.

Anyway, auto top-up feedback:

  1. I finally received the functionality of performing auto top-up’s and my card expired, so as you do, I added my new card and guess what? My replacement card is not trusted (have I said it was a replacement card for the one that expired?) and the auto top-up feature has disappeared. Any chance you can change the functionality so I don’t have to wait months before I can build enough trust with the card before auto top-up makes a reappearance?

  2. Why is there such stringent auto top-up levels, why cant I select a date for when I want an auto top-up to take place and for a specific amount? Why is the minimum £100 and not any less? And why must the balance fall below £50 before the auto top-up is triggered. This seems so overly and unnecessarily complex.

  3. Why am I posting here and not online chat? They’re well the opposite of useful and have no idea why.

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Contact support and ask them to verify the card, they’ll ask you for bank statements with some information on them but they will activate your card for auto top-up

I had them do it when I was interested in the feature

This is really cool functionality, I’d like it to make its way into the app :slight_smile:

Likely because there’s less barriers to auto top-ups you kind of “set and forget it”, whereas you have to actively do a normal top-up

On top of that by increasing it, they probably saw a drop of people topping up by card and moving to bank transfers, meaning they save on fees (20p + 1.4% for European cards is a relative standard I believe through Stripe) whereas bank transfers will cost maybe 0.01%-0.02% (assuming pricing similar to GoCardless)

Probably to encourage bank transfers for the same reasons as above

Thanks for the responses, on the point of contacting support - keep getting scripted responses saying I just need to wait until I build trust with the cards. They don’t understand that they’re replacement cards.

Did you chat with a live agent by typing live agent into the chat?

Yep sure did, this is the same thing along the lines of:

“Regardless of the card being a replacement card for one that has expired, or a new card, you need to build a history with the card before you’re allowed to setup auto top-up”.

“Regardless of the card being a replacement card for one that has expired, or a new card, you need to build a history with the card before you’re allowed to setup auto top-up”.

I find this very disturbing, if it is the case.

I don’t have to ‘re-earn’ trust status when my card is renewed with any other financial institution.

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Absolutely is the case, I also find it disturbing.

We need someone from Revolut to respond and tell us why this is happening.

I have expressed the same concerns to Revolut via live agents, email, Twitter and Facebook. All were ignored except live agents who literally say the same thing above everytime.

Who knows how long it will take as I repeatedly asked the duration before I gain trust and the answer was that they are disallowed from providing internal security procedures.

I’ll update this thread when I finally have auto top-up option reappear.

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For what it’s worth, to Revolut a new card number is a new card

They can’t see it as a renewal of your old account, as all they see are: long card number, expiry date and CVV

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Sounds about right, but it’s annoying. Every user will experience no doubt.


Here’s a slightly different but pretty much the same reply:

“Upon checking here the last ticket that my colleague has made, it was about the auto top-up button on your app. Unfortunately, upon checking the update. I’m afraid that if your card is new or recently added auto top-up will not be enabled as soon as you added your top-up card. Also, it seems like our system is not accepting the auto top-up setting with your current bank card due to additional security measures. I understand that this must be inconvenient, but once you use your account, this restriction should be relaxed in the future. What I would suggest here is to top up your account manually with the card which is already linked”.

5 days later and after many manual top-ups, still no auto top-up.

Just asking, is exist any bank which charge fees for revolut’s top-up through a visa/mastercard?

Most, for the credit cards

Okey, credit cards is something like a loan.

I’m wondering something else. how ethical is to charge a fee when you use X and not Y. Let’s say I understand if a bank charges a monthly fee or every single transaction (stupid pricing plan but it’s a plan). But how ethical is to say that use to amazon is free but not in the “Peter Computer Corner”?. In terms of banking services, the revolt is the small player…

Lost count on the number of days. Topped up £100 manually (literally £10 at a time to see if it’s the number of individual top ups) over the course of this waiting period, you guessed it, no auto top up option.

Is a bank transfer too difficult

If bank transfer was the solution, then why have an auto top up feature, which I might add is broken and overly permissive in its ‘secure’ implementation. It’s definately not a feature but a bug, your card issued by your bank is bound to expire, when you add your new replacement card you have start the trust process all over again. No a bank transfer is not too difficult, but, if that was the answer then I ask again, why have the auto top up feature in the first place?

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Card top-ups are expensive and will eventually be cut like Monzo/Starling and others have done

Is that an assumption or have you read somewhere that Revolut is going down this route? A minor inconvenience to have to open your banking app each time you want to top up when you can easily do it via the app. I guess you could set up a direct debit.

It is economically not viable, Revolut will have to eventually kick it down the road. Monzo did because it wasn’t affordable, Starling did because it wasn’t affordable. It costs a couple of pennies to send money through a bank transfer vs tens of pennies per card top-up. Now scale that to hundreds of thousands of users and you can save a good million or so if not more, by only allowing bank transfers in.

You’ll have to set up a recurring transfer or use Revolut as your main account, I guess.

As for this, Revolut doesn’t control the issuing of that bank card so can’t guarantee that it is indeed a new card for an expired card.

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