Auto Top-Up out now!


The page just not mention auto top-up at all. The card I use regularly since june 2017 is the one with variable CVV, maybe it’s the reason why it doesn’t work; or the region : I live in France and for now (I posted a few days ago) two people said they didn’t have this option either.


…but no statement to say why it doesn’t work !!!


For newly added cards, the app asks for the CVV for a while. If a card is used regularly, the CVV is either stored or not necessary anymore for future top ups. I can see that this is related to when a card becomes availabe for auto top ups and that it won’t work with cards with changing CVVs.


Same here. It seems that the auto top up option still exists but it’s hidden now if your card doesn’t support it (changing CVV codes) or if you have not topped up manually often enough. I just I asked a support agent in chat and he insisted (as of today, June 16, 2018) that auto top up as a feature was not removed. Me too, I had seen the relevant buttons before, together with explanations as to why auto top up wasn’t possible for me.


Auto topup definitely hasn’t been removed I can still see it in my app. I believe it may be a time thing. If you change the card details then it may appear as a “new” card and have to go through the same checks before auto topup is enabled. I’m not fully happy with the auto topup feature and wish they can improve it soon, to allow auto topups based on transfer outs rather than just payments.


In my linked and verified card details “i” there is no auto top Up. It’s completely missing. How can I activate auto top up manually?


If you search in the app help section “auto top up” and then go to the top result, you’ll see a blue link inside of it. Using this link will allow you to go to the auto top up page!


Also the support can activate it for you. If you recently added the card you need to top up a few times manually before you are able to activate this feature


I missing a setting to auto add x amount every month
Or top up from card to vault every x date