Auto Top-Up out now!


Auto top up does not work during cash withdrawal.


auto top-up should work during cash withdrawal (In ATM or POS) The system should wait for authorization until the revoluts account will be recharget. I do not want to reject the transaction with the description of insufficient funds in the revolut account. And wait for auto top-up. And make a purchase. The system should be intelligent.

e.g I make purchase / withdrawal => there are no insufficent funds in the revolut account => revolut is trying auto top-up => when the top-up was successful => the transaction is authorized.

Without rejection of the transaction!


Does this work with cards with 3D secure?


Yes. I have a debid card that has CVV and 3D secure. Works great. I can see that you are from Portugal. Me too. The bank I’m using is ActivoBank and their debit card works great!

Actually, I have a question, maybe @AndreasK or anyone could answer:

To top-up revolut using my current debit card, I was always asked for the 3D secure code (that I received via sms). I’m not getting asked buy that code anymore. At what point in time was this change made?


I think that depends on your bank. If you’re doing the same transaction frequently, then they’re assuming it’s safe and not asking for it.


As far as I know, the merchant requests this security check, if applicable. That is the reason why Revolut won’t work at marketplaces where 3D secure is mandatory. I think it is possible to pay with a 3DS secured card at merchants that don’t support 3DS but not the other way round, right?


For a few days I’ve seen a little issue with my top-up’s…
For example, I have auto topup if the value is under 100€. If I make some purchase using the revolut card, and the balance is under 100€, revolut will automatically topup with 100€.

But, if I make a transfer (between revolut accounts or to another bank) I can go as low as 0.00€ balance and revolut does not auto-topup. Any idea why?


For example, I have auto topup if the value is under 100€. If I make some purchase using the revolut card, and the balance is under 100€, revolut will automatically topup with 100€. And then ? how am I supposed to give these 100 €? or they are somehow removed from a revollut card? Can you explain me please??


Sorry, I do not understand your question. Auto top ups are like regular top ups with a connected card. After topping up, the money will be available in your Revolut wallet.



Where can I found the auto top up functionality on the Android app ?


It would be amazing to top up the account periodically.


I was just looking for this feature. It’s so well hidden I didn’t realise it existed and searching brought me to this post and the explanation on how to find it on iOS.

After having a rummage around the app, I found it for Android:

Step 1: Click on the “+ Top up” button
Step 2: Tap on the drop down option where you can select where to top up from.
Step 3: Tap on the “(i)” to the right hand side of the source that you wish to auto top up from.
Step 4: Select “Set up auto top-up
Step 5: Tap the slider to enable auto top-up.
Step 6: Select which currency to top up your account in. (I suggest you use the source’s local currency)
Step 7: Select the balance threshold to initiate the top-up.
Step 8: Select how much to top up with.
Step 9: Select the source of the top-up

A few things I noticed which may be answered in this thread but I missed;

  • My UK bank apparently isn’t eligible for auto top-up. If you see this, tap on the “(i)” symbol and it should state why.
  • It also doesn’t state when this top-up will first happen. My balance is was below the threshold at the time of setting up the auto top-up. So hopefully Over the next few days I will see it auto top-up, unless it calculates this requirement after an exchange or payout in which case I’ll need to make a manual top-up to take it over the threshold again.
  • I also do wish it could be set on a time rather than a limit, so we could auto top-up say £100 on the 1st of every month for example. Maybe it can be done and I just need to be shown how.

Hope this helps anyone that comes across this old thread looking for Android answers!

When does Auto Topup take place?

Auto top up / auto recharging should work without rejecting the transaction! should work alsow in ATMs! System should wait with autorisathion (while auto top up success ) and than accept without decline the transaction


Hi, I’m not able to find auto top up in the app. I 've been using Revolut (card top up and card payments) since june 2017.


What device are you using? If Android did you try my steps listed above?


This is a very cool ! Keep going :slight_smile:


Hi Nerdy
I’m using androïd Moto G4+.
I 'm using 2 cards to top-up :

  1. LA BANQUE POSTALE visa debit card with variable Cvv (with every top-up);
  2. ING BANK N.V. mastercard credit card with unique Cvv.
    For each card, when I tap on the “(i)”, there isn’t “Set up auto top-up”.


Hmm, reading my original post, one of my cards wasn’t able to auto topup at the time but there was another (i) that explained why not. Going back on it now it appears that has changed and it is now available so can’t remember where that reason appeared.

When you tap the (i) is there anything saying it’s not available or disabled, etc? or does the page just not mention auto topup at all? Only other thing I can think of is maybe it’s region based.


Its not availabe for newly added cards. It becomes availabe after a while, when the card was used more often for top ups. They want you to build a history first, to see how reliable top ups with that card are. I believe it limits both their risk and costs.


Ah yes, I remember now this was the reason why mine wasn’t available right away. completely forgot, also explains why it is now. But it should still state that somewhere as it did for me.