Auto Top-Up out now!



Okay, I have found where the auto top-up is. When I try to access this area of the app it crashes. My iPhone is up to date with software.


Ok, tap the “+” circled button on the left. Then tap on the top of the screen “Top-up by card” and you should be able to select “Auto top-up”. see all screenshot below

Well, I’m experiencing a very slow UI due to a problem server side, be patient if you see a loading screen.


When I select EUR as a top up currency, it stills shows £ instead of EUR in “Auto top up with”. Does this mean that it will debit £ from my card despite selecting EUR as a currency or it’s just a display issue and the £ should have been €?



Ya think you released this one a bit too soon guys? How are you doing with an update?


Also, per my post in another thread can you make the top-up threshold and the auto top-up amounts a bit more granular. £50 trigger and £100 minimum top-up might be a bit too high for some customers.


I would like to see a £50 auto-topup. I use my card all the time but I don’t like to leave big balances on it for many reasons. Minimum of £100 is too much so until it lowers I won’t use auto-topup


Why? I don’t understand why crédit cars are not accepeted


It was just an observation. In fact I think It should works great with credit cards also. Has somebody tried it?


How does this work? I have less than £50 balance, turned on auto top-up for less than that and nothing happened. I also have a Euro balance so is it your total balance or your home currency balance which has to below the limit?


Yes I dis and it did’nt Work.

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@Rou05 @Geejay It will work once you have used your card! Let us know through the in-app support if you find some bugs, issues or need some help


Hi Neil, I have used my card many times since joining. When I opened the app the other day I discovered the new Auto TopUp so I set it up but nothing has happened.

(it takes too long for me to use in-app support)


I think that he was saying to use the card after enabling auto top-up.


Thanks Robert. I’ve changed some GBP into Euros and still nothing. Maybe it’s because my Euro balance is greater than the £50 limit I set.


Try using the card for a purchase. If you do not want to buy anything add your card to Amazon or Google Wallet and they will do a preauthorisation to validate your card and that counts as a transaction.


Hi Robert, I added it to Amazon but still nothing. I might try buying a kindle book later.


OK, I bought something and Auto TopUp worked. However, that’s not very helpful if you mainly use your balance to buy currency when the rate is good. Say I’ve got £140 balance and then I buy £100 Euros, then I get a recurring sub come up the next day for $140 and I don’t have dollars, and I don’t have enough balance in Sterling. I don’t want my Euros used up as I’ll need them when I go to Spain in the winter.

I might as well turn Auto TopUp off and do it manually.

A good idea but not fully thought through, imho.


I also want to have a lower minimum for topping-up. Are you considering? Thanks @revolut


when it will be possible to auto top-up in PLN currency?